Best Office Shoes for Women

Often one of the most difficult elements of the working world for women, finding the perfect shoes to work in can be a task bigger than one is prepared for. Given that a number of variables can effect which shoes are most appropriate for the working world (i.e. dress code, the nature of the job, height/ weight, the amount of standing and walking done throughout the day, etc.) there are no hard and fast rules to finding the perfect working shoe. With that said, the following is an overview of the eight best office shoes for women.

Eight Best Office Shoes for Women

8. Wedges

One of the best office shoes for women, wedges are both trendy and comfortable. A great shoe to wear if you have to do a bit of standing and walking, the perfect wedge will provide support for the whole day, and you’ll look great in the process.
wedges- office shoes for women

7. Slingbacks

Yet another great shoe go-to for working women, slingbacks provide a bit of elevation with the heel, all while allowing your feet to breathe with the loose, breathable strap helping to keep them secure. These are great for professional women who may do a lot of standing.
slingback shoes- office shoes for women

6. Comfortable Pumps

Yes, they exist! To be clear, these are not the heels you wear to parties, these are the ones you’ve had for a few years, aren’t too high, and are broken in enough for you to comfortably make it through your work day. These are best office shoes for women, but especially for those who do a lot of sitting.

comfortable pumps- Best Office Shoes for Women

5. Kitten Heels

While most heel lovers are not to keen on this style of shoe, these are the perfect office shoes for women. Similar to slingbacks, they offer a bit of height, but not so much that they are uncomfortable or difficult to stand in. These are great for those who do a fair mix of sitting and standing throughout the work day.
kitten heels- office shoes for women

4. Oxfords

 Cute and trendy, oxfords provide a fashionable shoe that fits comfortably and looks great with both skirts and pantsuits. These are perfect office shoes for women who do a lot of standing, for those who have trouble walking in heels, or for anyone who prefers flats.
oxford shoes for women

3. Ankle Boots

A great addition to any working woman’s wardrobe, ankle boots for women are cute, comfortable, and can be worn with most of your work attire. These are excellent office shoes for women.
ankle boots for women

2. Heeled Flats

A confusing clothing conundrum for many women, the heeled flat is a flat shoe that does have a higher heel than most other flats. Cute and still comfortable, these shoes are some of the best office shoes for women as they can be worn with anything.
Heeled Flats for women

1. Comfortable Flats

Not always the most trendy shoes, comfortable flats for women are shoes that are strictly for comfort over fashion. They may not look the best with any of your trendy work duds, but you should still keep a pair in your car for the days when your feet have simply had enough. These are essential office shoes for women!
comfortable flats- office shoes for women
Overall, finding the best office shoes for women can be a task. However, if you follow the tips in this guide you are well on your way to being comfortably fabulous.
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